Grave concerns for Powerful Owl family

There are concerns for the Recreation Reserve Powerful Owls as the last few years they have been unsuccessful in raising young.

There have been positive signs from the Powerful Owls, with a nesting site chosen by the couple, and the hope is that in the next month the young will make their first appearance. However today (Monday August 28) the Powerful Owls have both been sighted further away from their nesting site than they would travel if they were raising young.

“This is a serious time for the Recreation Reserve Powerful Owls future. If the birds don’t breed for three years in a row there is a great chance they may not try to breed again. This is something we have to make sure won’t happen.” said Clare Worsnop, President of the Mt Evelyn Environment Protection and Progress Association (MEEPPA).

It is believed that the increased noise at the Recreation Reserve, especially in the evenings, has been a critical factor in the Powerful Owls failure of rising young for the last few years.

“We are asking all local residents to contact local Councillors, and the CEO of Yarra Ranges Council, and let them know the concerns we have for the Powerful Owls.” said Ms Worsnop. “We want the Recreation Reserve to be a protected area, with noise and lighting reduction, and for local Councillors to seriously consider the negative impact some of the changes in the Recreation Reserve Master Plan will have on our local wildlife.”

The Powerful Owls have been recorded to be in the area since as early as 1905. MEEPPA and some local residents are concerned that this endangered species is about to lose another breeding pair.

Powerful Owls
Recreation Reserves ‘Mr and Mrs Powerful Owl’.
Photo by Joy Phillips.