Flame Tree Challenge

There’s a burst of red as you travel down Wray Crescent.

The original Illawarra Flame Tree, outside Bendigo Bank, has a few flowers showing in between it’s leaves, however across the road ‘Flame Tree Jr’ is covered in red.

Quite a few photos have been popping up on Facebook of both Flame Trees, with people asking local photographer Greg Carrick to take more. So we’ve decided to start a photography challenge everyone can get involved in: taking photos of Mt Evelyn’s Flame Trees.

The challenge is open for the duration of January, you can take a photo of the Flame Trees and submit it to info@mtevelyn.net, with your name, or send them to the M.E. & You Facebook page and we’ll share them over social media and publish a gallery of them all.

Flame Tree Jr
Flame Tree Jr, from the Library ramp. Greg Carrick
Flame Tree
Red flowers coat the ground under the younger Flame Tree. Greg Carrick
Flame Tree
The bees are enjoying the Flame Tree. Joy Phillips
Flame Tree
A touch of green and red. Joy Phillips
Flame Tree
Looking up. Greg Carrick


  1. Great photos, and congratulations on the recent edition with lovely photos of the R S L Service held recently an excellent job Thank you Betty Crittenden

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