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This month Rebecca Pool is exhibiting in the Exhibition Space at Holy Grill.

Rebecca Pool exhibition at Holy Grill

We recently interviewed her to find out more.

Tell us a bit about your journey as an artist: 
I’ve always drawn and painted, including as a kid, even where I wasn’t supposed to. Our new wallpaper was not colourful enough, and my neighbours walls were white (who has white walls anyway?).
When I was older I discovered pastels at an exhibition I visited, this is where my new passion was created.
I studied for my Diploma in Visual Art at Bendigo Tafe in 2002/3 and majored in printmaking.
I am constantly experimenting and developing my own individual style using paint, pastel, ink, photography and mixed media. My pieces are usually colourful and all are unique.

Several years ago I was inspired by the Japanese wood block print makers of the Ukiyo-e era. I have developed a style of painting using a black outline filled with intricate pattern. I have painted Japanese Geisha, Kabuki actors, Indian women and fantasy characters and animals in this style using acrylic paints on canvas.
I also create pastel paintings, these are usually landscapes/seascapes, flowers and animals in a more realistic style.
My original paintings can be seen on my Facebook site Rebecca Pool Visual Artist. Artworks are on this site with sale prices and sizing.

Who is your inspiration?
Van Gogh, Monet, Magritte, so many more.
My parents always gave me art supplies and art books for Christmas when I was in primary school.

Where else have you exhibited?
Previously at the Exhibition Space when it was Morrison on the Park. Also at various competitions/shows in Melbourne and Canberra.

Have you won any awards for your artworks in the past?
1st prize Mont De Lancey in 2005, as well as a few prizes in drawing and photography at the Lilydale Show over the years.

Have you worked in other areas of the art field?
I volunteered at the Bendigo Regional Art Gallery, saw some amazing artworks in the archives, and got to hold a priceless Chinese sculpture!
I also ran an art programme with a preschool in Maryborough which resulted in an art show of the children’s work. It was fantastic to see the kids reactions when they saw their work on show.

What mediums do you normally use, and why do you enjoy them?
Acrylic, I love to make the colours move around and cover the canvas, with lots of colour and detail as possible.
Also pastel, they have a softer effect than acrylic, which is perfect for landscapes.


You can see Rebecca’s artworks at Holy Grill, 50 Wray Cres, until February 2.
For more of Rebecca’s works check out her Facebook page, and RedBubble shop.

Rebecca Pool Exhibition