Editorial – The M.E. & You is back!

Deja vu. That feeling you’ve lived through this before.

They were the first words we wrote in our editorial when the printed version of the first M.E. & You newspaper came out in July of 2002. It seemed fitting to use them again.

For those of you who don’t remember the M.E. & You (which went on to become the M2), it was originally started because of the lack of support our community groups were feeling from the local newspapers. Mt Evelyn was, and still is, full of passionate people and groups who are doing a great number of positive things for the community, yet every time they contacted local newspapers it was often ignored. M.E. & You started to fill that hole. Every month it was full of news directly from community groups. They wrote or outlined the articles and Greg and Joy Carrick edited them, if needed, and put it all together, ready to be printed. This allowed each Community Group to get their news out with the message that they wanted. It also allowed the M.E. & You to be a positive newspaper, which even before 24 hour news channels, was difficult to come by.

Over the past few months, restarting the M.E. & You in an online form, has been on my mind. In the last week two people from different community groups have mentioned again feeling disappointed that news of what people in Mt Evelyn are doing isn’t being reported on and celebrated like it should. It’s time for the M.E. & You to come back.

Continuing on with our original editorial, you will notice a few differences. The main one being we’re now an online newspaper, rather than print. During the week articles will be published, and every Tuesday an email version will be sent to subscribers which will include the latest article titles and summaries.

Subscribing is free, you can sign up with your email at the side of any page to receive the weekly M.E. & You and unsubscribe easily from within the email if you choose to do so.

While setting up the online M.E. & You I was able to contact a few community groups to tell them about the website and organise the first group of articles. As some dates are coming up that need announcing I’ve unfortunately had to start pubishing before I’ve been able to contact every community group, but I will be trying to in the coming weeks. However if you’re part of a community group that would like your article published please send an email through to Joy via info@mtevelyn.news

I look forward to reporting once again on what our great town is achieving.

Joy Phillips (nee Carrick)
M.E & You Editor

  1. If you want to be a community you have to be a part of that community. The Mount Evelyn News was, is and will be part of OUR community. Don’t forget to interact with it. Cr Tim Heenan

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